Journey Screen Captures

A collection of screen captures from the exclusive PlayStation 3 game JOURNEY developed by thatgamecompany.


Taking a break before continuing to sand surf down the city again.


ok @ viczar :D

you were right … the ancestors were to huge to stand on a WM´s head … so they didnt .. as you can see in pic 1 … now place a Journeyer with the size we know on its head and it looks about right :D … HUGE Ancestors … tiny Journeyer *grin* the warmachine though looks a little bigger then the ones still active in the Underground and the Snow, they seem to have more body segments (I might misstaken there)

in pic numero 2 you can see the super warmachine (wayfarerchirp named him “Verfolger” :D)

I believe (and this is only MY opinion) they build this super warmachine, maybe just for defence, but were not aware of its huge destruction potential … his beam alone is 5 or 6 times bigger and powerful then that of a “normal” warmachine AND … it seems to have an artificial intelligence because no ancestor is riding/controlling it

my believe is that building this super warmachine were the beginning of the end for this civilization of the Ancestors…

there are no remains of a super warmachine to proof my theory and I strongly believe this super WM is still somewere … burried somewhere, maybe under the sunken city, or hiding way up in the cloudy sky, watching over the new beginning build from the Journeyers wandering the sands nowadays :D

BUT … I might be totally wrong with that o.0


btw @ hokaegu :D

there is a second floater in the room with the two patrolling WM just before the final slide

if the glitching is done right there will be one WM patrolling floating backwards the other one will be normal … if you stay putt, like I did in the first pic on a statue, it will come back endlessly :D :D :D


Life is like a journey. Life’s meaning will keep traveling, even through we may meet hardship on the way, together we will not be beaten by difficulties. And so till eternity, this journey will never end.
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My Journey today (part 01) with lovely Companion HIJIRI :) they found me in PD after being abandoned by my previous Companion