Journey Screen Captures

A collection of screen captures from the exclusive PlayStation 3 game JOURNEY developed by thatgamecompany.


request from flyinbluetardis: how to get into the glitch without fancy-flying :D

third one: Underground

thats an easy one ((grin))

first we fly to the jelly with the symbol on top, turn the camera around and fly back to the entrance but as high as possible so we reach the top of the entrance

from there to the small beam you can see on the upper right, then to the first bigger beam in the middle of the room and then we try to reach the highest of those beams … from there just fly to the top of the exit and enter the glitch through the wall (behind the Journeyer in the second last pic)

the tricky part is to land on the first small beam o.0 …


request from flyinbluetardis: how to get into the glitch without fancy-flying :D

second one: Sunken City

you have to climb the wall in the back of the shrine pit

if you stand where you can see in the second pic just fly straigh up to reach the first stop … when you reach the ledge try to stay close to the wall by trying to walk! into it otherwise you just slide away .. this way your scarf regains power again

you can see from there the next ledge, when you reach it stay in the middle of the ledge but close to the wall, there you can stand without sliding away

now you have to reach the big beam ahead … you will slide of this one, but if you wait just before you fall you have enough power in your scarf again to fly into the wall

there are two walls, the first one you just can fly through but the one behind it you have to fly over it so keep flying up and to make sure you can see something move your camera so that you look sideways on your Journeyer

as you can see you can stand on top of this second wall and from there its just a little jump into the glitch :D


request from flyinbluetardis: how to get into the glitch without fancy-flying :D

first up: Broken Bridge via headbonk cave

to make it easyer to get in I discovered its better not to fly up straight but to fly with your Journeyer in little spirals upwards

first look up with the camera and if you see the head go in move the camera down and up again … it gives you the final edge to go all the way in

when you try to move up the hill the wind will try to blow you back so best option there is to walk up as far as you can and when the wind starts to blow you away try to reach the dark brown area you see in the pic and from there enter the sand-wall and climb up … voila … your in the glitch

((dont think its an easy way o.o I still do struggle with this entrance O.O (((really hate it to be truthfully)))))


soo … I practically live in Underground, know every stone and little fuss in there but still … today is the first time I realized … that machine-part I´m sitting on … its a damn warmachine head!!! O.O  … how could I have not seen this for so long??? O.O




request from hokaegu:

flow creatures in the Tower Level :D

((Oh my goodness I’m glad you caught these on camera, they swim so fast how’d you get them? OAO ))

at first they are static out in the glitch together but only if you dont activate the last glyph to raise the goo … they stay there until you touch them, then they swim inside

one will swim into the middle of the Tower the other into the whale-room

if you activate now the last glyph for the last goo to rise and go back into the glitch one of them will be outside again :D and this time he wont move even if you touch him :D :D

but to answer your question :D I recorded them first and then took the pics of the recording :D :D I do a lot of my pics that way :D


I put on my red robe (I rarely do) but it does look so nice with the black touch too :D


little perv hiding under my cloak O.O … got me thinking whats he looking at O.O  …. :D :D :D


My Journey today (part 02) with lovely Companion HIJIRI :) they found me in PD after being abandoned by my previous Companion


I got the chance to play Journey again today… I started from the beginning, intending to get the stuff I missed, and unexpectedly found a friend in the third area! (I thought I’d imagined seeing someone in the second)

It was so much fun playing with them even though all we could do was sing at each other. We flew together and found some secrets, and both got hurt during an unexpected attack in the Tunnels.

After the end area scene, they chirped a couple times and sat down. Thought they had to be right back… But then they faded away.

I felt rather sad… but I know that’s how Journey is supposed to be…

Still, I got some pictures and had a fun experience I did’t expect! Whoever they were, I’m glad I bumped into them. The singing and flying around each other was so damned cute!