Ah, what a view... Meditating on a tiny ledge. Flower hat! :D Another tiny meditation spot. ...Oh? Oh!? What's going on here!? Hey, wait a minute! Where did our carpets go!? Beam-down in progress... Oops. Sit back down with me! :D Awestruck. Bliss. Perfection. <3
WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME FATHER hella scarf game taking a 30 min nap lol whatever #420 NO ESCAPE NO WAY IN NO WAY OUT
Silent coasting in the Snow backstage, with colored symbols. More coasting in the backstage. More coasting, near the floating carpets. Meditating above the warm fire, with the fliers. Beam-down near the carpets, down towards the windy valley. A different beam-down angle. Flying high and fast in Paradise! Hey! I know this place! Look at my swirling scarf! Inside of a glitch area underneath the pools.